The Christmas Card

Christmas card

It’s interesting really, getting kids to look at a camera and still maintain a natural manner. Interesting as in……..

No, don’t squeeze your sister too hard.

Yes, let your sister put your arm around you.

No, she’s not gross.

Stop leaning into her so much so that your pushing her down.

Look at the camera


Me shooting my own kids is the hardest thing ever. Other peoples kids, piece of cake.



My son was playing with his matchbox/hotwheel cars and there’s one called “Flattery”, because it’s flat (pictured).  It’s one of my favorite cars, and my son knows it.

son: Do you still like Flattery dad?
me: Yes.
<enter the wife>
wife: Yes, I’m sure he loves flattery.
me: Because I get so little of it, I’ll take what I can get.
wife: <pauses and looks at me> You have a very nice long nose.

Ok, funny and embarrasing enough to tell the world.  But I wanted to post a picture of Flattery with the post so I searched to find something decent – nothing.  So threw together something to get a shot of the car.  Not too bad for 5 minutes, start to finish.