I’m perfectly fine with this

Anna had a “red day” at school.

Laura: Why did you have a red day today?
Anna: I threw mulch.
Laura: That’s all you did?
Anna: Well, I hit a boy. But I also threw mulch.
Laura: Why did you hit a boy.
Anna: Because he was chasing me and I didn’t want him to and he wouldn’t stop.

…..Go Anna. I’m perfectly fine with my daughter stopping a boy in his tracks.

Second day of school

Anna accidentally got into the wrong lunch line and ate a school lunch instead of the lunch she brought. She came home all mopey, thinking she was in trouble. She’s fine.

Luke got punched in the eye. Best I could figure out is the kids were talking about what it would take to knock someone out. Then they tried it. The kid who punched him just had to move something on the classroom wall that indicates he was bad. In past years my son went to the principal for much less.

First day of school – 2011

Sent the kids off to their first day of school. Anna had her first day of kindergarten and she was very excited. I wasn’t too worried about her since she has already done 2 years of pre-school plus had a few weeks of summer school. Luke on the other hand was very apprehensive for the start of 3rd grade – to the point of almost getting sick. He had a rough 2nd grade year and was worried that this would be a repeat.

I was sure that 3rd grade would be different. His new teacher seemed…different…than his last one. For one, she has a son around his age so she seems to understand how ultra hyper boys can be. After coming home, Luke was very excited and said many times that we were right, 3rd grade is going to be better. On the other hand, Anna lost all enthusiasm and seemed very depressed. We couldn’t get anything out of her as to why. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for her.

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