The One Hundred Push ups Challenge

I’ve always wanted to do 100 push ups; maybe it’s just because my arms hurt after bowling on the wii.  So what better way than to take the popular challenge from

I started with the initial test.  At 20 push ups I fall in Rank 3.  I could have done a few more, maybe, but was interrupted (tip: do the test after kids go to bed).  Then about a half hour later I thought I should just go ahead and start week 1 since today is Monday and I wanted to do a Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine.

For week 1, I had to do 5 repititions with 60 seconds of rest time between each one – 10/10/8/6/7 – and then on the last rep you can do as many as you want, but must reach at least 7.  I only did the 7 because my arms were already killing me from doing the 20 a half hour earlier.

Office Pictures

Finally getting most of the home office situated. Only thing left are some pictures or something on the walls.

The chair is the newest addition. Now Laura can read while I work (i.e. play) and/or my son can sit over there instead of crawling on me.
The flat panel is definitely nice but I still want 2. I like the floating shelves and desk we got from IKEA.
We took the closet doors off and put in Closet Maid shelves. I used to have all my electronic stuff stashed away in paper boxes. It’s nice to now have them in clear boxes. I also like the orange wall.